The Steel Tournament

Location: Kori Horudo “Grip of Ice”
– Ancestral manse of the Matsu family.

Ruler: Matsu Hama

Contestants in the Steel Tournament

Lion – Matsu Yanto – Matsu Hama’s son.
Lion – Akodo Ruto – too young/ill-prepared for tournament
Dragon – Mirumoto Shen – heir to a legendary sword
Lion – Akodo Shotaka – well-liked, great potential
Hare – Usagi Yuriko -scholarly, stand-offish
Phoenix – Agasha Hanori – darling of the Phoenix court, life of the party, shugenja
Phoenix – Shiba Takako – serious, wears Scorpion mask to honor her mother’s clan.
Scorpion – Bayushi Denbe – cocksure swordsman, come to make a name for himself

Other NPCs:
Kuni Liang – venerable expert on Shadowlands lore, rumors of senility and insanity
Toshi – ronin encountered at The Cracked Jug
Kaya – Innkeeper, The Cracked Jug

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The Steel Tournament

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